About Us

Welcome to our family-run business, where our journey spans from the vibrant cultures of India and Indonesia to the heart of your home. We are a close-knit team consisting of a husband and wife duo, along with our two wonderful children—an energetic 8-year-old who loves adventures and our adorable 2-year-old daughter, who brightens our lives.

Our story begins with our own experiences with traditional remedies that have been passed down through generations in both India and Indonesia. These natural solutions have not only nurtured our health but have also become a cherished part of our family's daily life. Observing the profound benefits these ingredients had on our wellbeing, we felt compelled to share them with the world.

Thus, our venture was born out of a desire to give back and share the rich heritage of natural remedies from our diverse cultures. Our products, deeply rooted in these traditions, are crafted with care and respect for the natural properties and bioactive compounds of each ingredient.

Join us in embracing a lifestyle enriched with the wisdom of the East, brought to you by a family that uses these remedies every day. Let's embark on this journey of wellness together!