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Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief

JIVA-JAWA is a symphony of nature's finest healers, blended into a potent elixir for your skin's most challenging moments. From the fiery bite of a burn to the dull throb of an old bruise, our carefully curated concoction is your go-to salve for natural pain relief and skin restoration.

NurturLife's Commitment: With Jiva-Jawa, we invite you to embrace the healing touch of Mother Earth. Every drop of this herbal remedy is a testament to our dedication to natural wellness, combining the wisdom of traditional remedies with the purity of plant-based care. Because your skin deserves the healing touch that only nature can provide.

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Customer Reviews

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Ly Le
Scentational Relief and Soothing the Soreness

Works great. You can tell right away it's a good product from its smell and oil texture.
If you're seeking a back pain solution that combines effective relief with a delightful fragrance, here it is. I highly recommend it to anyone battling back pain.

Natural and soothing

I love that Baby-Boo is made with natural ingredients. It’s been very soothing for my daughter's skin irritation, and I've even used it on my own skin with great results.

Prompt delivery and effective

I have ordered from NurturLife twice. Both times delivery was prompt. I use it for everything from headaches to muscle aches. It's effective and has a comforting, mild scent.

Anna Kowalski
helped me sleep

Jiva Jawa has helped me with sleep issues related to stress and anxiety. It's incredibly soothing and has a calming effect. Also, the natural ingredients give me peace of mind.

Effective, smell takes a while to get used to

I must say that this thing works! Helps with my arthritis pain, though the relief isn't instant. I'm not in love with the smell, it definitely takes a little getting used to.