We Make Purity An Essential Ingredient

Explore our unique blend of essential oils, meticulously crafted by blending a triad of ancient wisdom: Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Javanese remedies.

The golden nectar of Ayurveda infuse our blend with garlic, black pepper, and betel leaf whispers ancient secrets to your skin.

In the heart of our blend lies the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi, the life force, dances with Ginger, Peppermint, and Chai Hu--rousing, refreshing, and repairing.

From the mystical jungles of Java, we have woven Temulawak (Javanese Turmeric), Galangal, and Cajeput--purifying, empowering, and energizing.

  • gaharu agarwood


    Aquilaria Malaccensis

    Origin: Indonesia, rare, one of the most expensive on earth

    Scent: sweet, woody, similar to sandalwood

    Uses: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, digestive issues, arthritis pain

  • Javanese Turmeric Essential Oil

    Javanese Turmeric

    Curcumae Xanthorrizae Rhizoma

    Origin: Indonesia, rare

    Scent: mild

    Uses: anti-inflammatory, muscle/joint pain, arthritis

  • Cajeput


    Melaleuca Cajuputi

    Origin: Indonesia
    Scent: milder than Eucalyptus

    Uses: heal wounds, antifungal, respiratory illness, antiviral, muscle/joint pain, arthritis

  • angelica root

    Angelica Root / Du Huo

    Angelica Polycada Radix

    Origin: China

    Scent: mild, musky

    Uses: pain relief, muscle/joint pain, arthritis, headaches, analgesic, respiratory disease, digestion, fights viruses/infection

  • finger root

    Finger Root

    Kaempferia Pandurata Rhizoma

    Origin: China, Indonesia, rare, expensive

    Scent: sweet, mild, relaxing, mood enhancer

    Uses: cold/cough, skin disease, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, treat HIV, birthing tonic

  • Galangal

    Galangal / Blue Ginger

    Languas Galanga Rhizoma

    Origin: Indonesia

    Scent: mild, piney, relaxing, mood enhancer

    Uses: indigestion, improves blood circulation, skin disease, asthma, bronchitis, cold/cough, nausea/vomitting

  • Bupleurum

    Thorowax / Bupleurum Chinese / Bei Chai Hu

    Bulpleuri Falcata Radix

    Origin: China

    Scent: mild, earthy, mood enhancer

    Uses: heal wounds, cough/cold, flu, asthma, hepatitis, improves immunity

  •  Nirgundi

    Chaste Tree / Nirgundi

    Vitex Negundo

    Origin: India

    Scent: mild, floral

    Uses: increase progesterone, regulate menstrual cycle, hormonal acne, treat enlarged prostate, respiratory illness, boost immunity, and hair growth

  • Jyotishmati

    Climbing Staff Tree / Jyotishmati

    Celastrus Paniculatus

    Origin: India, China

    Scent: none

    Uses: relieves pain, digestive issues, constipation, improves circulation / respiration, treats leukoderma, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing

  • Betel Leaf Essential Oil

    Betel Leaf

    Piper Betle

    Origin: India

    Scent: sweet, mild

    Uses: heal wounds, skin disease, pain relief, cough/cold, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal